Discover new income opportunities with Nano Bit Online. We are on the verge of a grand revolutionary discovery of an algorithm capable of extracting lost Bitcoins. We set ourselves an ambitious goal to extract the majority of the lost Bitcoins and plan to succeed in it by 2020!


Nano Bit Online Mission

Technology advantages
  • Experience and knowledgeangle

    Our team can quickly and successfully solve any complex investment tasks faced by the team in any business circumstances.

  • Mining technologiesangle

    The most current mining types for the most significant and prospective cryptocurrencies in own data centres loaded with the newest hi-tech equipment. Non-stop development of support processes.

  • Working capitalangle

    NANO BIT ONLINE provides clients with investment opportunities provided by the company's large working capital, capable of stabilizing any risks.

  • Best business ideasangle

    Implementation of scientific advancements into practical work of the unique algorithm for search and salvage of the lost BTC. This technology has been developed by NBO and gave the company a new developmental vector in the cryptocurrency industry.

Our business

The powerful potential for profit making has been launched by Nano Bit Online and is based on the cutting-edge digital technologies. Thus, we perform a sophisticated and comprehensive optimisation and rational implementation of all our business trends.

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    • Cryptomining

    • Cryptotrading

    • Technology development

    • Business investments

Road map

  • 2012

    The year when the moment for creation and realisation of the company's business concept had come. This is when we created and shaped the basis for the company and its business vision aimed at risk moderation and reliability of investment emphasising the development of online cryptocurrency technologies.

  • 2013

    Expanding investment horizons. Erection of the HQ and recruitment of more staff. The company started implementing its new technologies.

    The Developments Department wrote the first lines of the AI code. The company was on the verge of a grand revolutionary discovery.

  • 2015

    According to the data of Nano Bit Online's digital technology specialists, who had been continuously researching the Bitcoin-blockchain, the number of the lost Bitcoins was between 2.78 and 3.79 million BTCs.

    Our specialists developed a unique, innovative technology for search and salvage of Bitcoins from the "dead" wallets. This was a grand breakthrough in the cryptocurrency world thanks to which our company has taken the leading positions.

  • 2017

    New growth prospects. Using the phenomenal rise of Bitcoin for own purposes, the company managed to make own turnover capital five times it had been before.

  • 2018

    Practical use of the technology for the search of lost BTC is showing the first results. The experiment has ended successfully. To achieve the task we have set, the company needs more capacity. Therefore, the Board decided to enter the global market and attract international partners interested in new technology.

  • 2020

    Full implementation of the AI to facilitate and automate all the processes related to search and salvage of the lost BTC. Every partner who has participated in the development of this technology will be rewarded by a share in the total amount of extracted BTCs.

  • 2022

    All the specialists involved in the development and implementation of the AI will focus on the development and promotion of own cryptocurrency. The next step will be IPO.

Online development

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    of investors
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    common fund

About company

Nano Bit Online - is an innovative hi-tech company, which uses all the instruments of the cryptocurrency industry.

Nano Bit Online, being an investment and technological company, owns, perhaps, the most advanced technical equipment. Own data centres are located all over the world and mine both the significant and prospective cryptocurrency assets at an industrial scale. The company has some promising staff potential, which basis was laid by enthusiasts of the crypto industry, who later became the primary investors and founders of Nano Bit Online as we see it today.

At the moment, the company has own innovative department for individual developments, which researches and produces modern advanced technological solutions. One of which is a real breakthrough in the world of cryptocurrencies. Our specialists have developed a unique technology of searching and salvaging lost, as it could appear, forever, Bitcoins. Thanks to this, that which was impossible several years ago, now is our reality. If some other experts were only building their theories on the scale of how many Bitcoins had been lost, Nano Bit Online produced results, which importance rested on a detailed empirical analysis of the blockchain where all Bitcoin transactions are stored. We are talking about missent transactions or losses of a personal key as a result of death or negligence. "At first, we were sharing our discoveries with a small group of people, and each of them was truly surprised to some extent by the scale of losses. However, the most fascinating and interesting, in my opinion, the moment lies in the attempt to determine what could be deemed "lost" and what couldn't. The more you study this aspect, the more complex and confusing it becomes."


Nano Bit Online development. The success comes and stays only with those, who are relentlessly looking for new ways and methods to implement and launch new technologies. That type of company alone will be attractive to the modern society. We see our potential and success in this. Modernisation of hardware and program algorithms and non-stop technological development of all systems: no one can compete with the Nano Bit Online Management in these.

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